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The prawn, a delicious crustacean that has captured the palates of millions of Australians for over a thousand summers. Its versatility has allowed the crustacean to transcend social class and even geography, popping up in restaurants and homes all the way from the mid north coast to Betoota’s affluent city suburb of Point Rockford.

Tristan Adams (28), a Yamba local, is visiting his city slicker cousins in Point Rockford. As is custom for any coastie visiting their inland mates, Tristan brought his cousins over 4 dozen magnificent prawns from the mighty Clarence river.

After delivering a masterclass in how to peel the prawns, Tristan then went on to show his cousins how they eat prawns back up the coast.

“So you got the meat, then the best bit is the head. You can just eat ‘em whole or suck the juice out of ‘em. I like to dip it in a bit of seafood sauce…”

“Oi what are you doing with those tails? That’s the best bit! Give it here” Tristan added as an afterthought.

Not wanting to look soft in front of his older cousin, young Benjamin braved the unorthodox method. He chomped down a prawn head like a champ, however it wasn’t long before his stomach betrayed him.

Benjamin went quiet, he began emitting deep retching sounds coupled with physical convulsions – he then spewed, everywhere.

“Yeah look, some people just aren’t cut out for it. It’s what separates city and coast” mused Tristan.

The Advocate can confirm that Tristan’s cousins have not stopped talking about him since the prawn eating incident, with Benjamin going as far as to tell his friends that Tristan eats fish skeletons too.

More to come.



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