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The sleepy beachside community of Lake Betoota is usually a hive of activity right now. The only road in is thick with holidaymakers. Families. People from the city here in Betoota heading out to have a well-earned break over what was quite an eventful weekend for Jesus Christ all those years ago.

But none of that is happening this year.

And deep down, that’s hurt Kade ‘Frogstomp’ Murphy, who said he’ll miss the opportunity to bash the living shit out of polo-shirt wearing private school boys down at the Lake Betoota Surf Lifesaving Club this Easter.

Kade, who got the nickname ‘Frogstomp’ not from iconic Novocastian grunge band Silverchair but from his love of fishing green frogs out of his toilet and stomping on them in the backyard, said that while he ‘hates those rich cunts’ he will miss their annoying yet necessary presence in the town.

“They just think they’re so fucken good in their stupid stripey fucking farm boy shirts,” he said.

“And their stupid fucking brown boots. Everyone has a plan till they get booted in the head with a size 11 Redback,”

“Oi but nah, I will miss them. Some of them aren’t so bad. Like, you get the ones who are respectful of the locals and that. Like they’ll nod at ya in the bar like to say you first mate, but then like once they’ve shown you respect aye, you can just say nah brah, you were first, aye and then all is good, you know?”

“Fuck bro, I’m kinda actually sad I won’t get to see those cunts this year.”

More to come.


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