A dramatic scene unfolded in Betoota’s coastal sister town Magpie Bay as an honest family had their beachfront home and indoor plant collection taken away from them. 

Speaking to the press and her 11k Instagram followers, family matriarch Matilda York (38) told the harrowing tale of how authorities removed her and her family from their home after failing to meet local building standards.

“Somehow, they got word that I no longer had decorative starfish on display in our home,” stated York during a livestream from her 3 and a half star motel.

“My ethics and aesthetics have changed, I didn’t want dead sea creatures in my home anymore so I returned them to the ocean.” 

According to Magpie Bay council, the York property has been seized temporarily until the building can be brought back up to standard. 

“Our inspectors could not find a single piece of evidence of a decorative starfish, apart from one inside a decorative non-soy candle,” stated councillor Anne Cook.

“We were also unable to find a single decorative piece of rope and not one photo featuring a stock image of colourful beach change rooms.”

“Honestly, what if they had bushie guests come round, you would have no idea where you are without even a bowl of shells with some twine wrapped around it.”

At the time of publishing, the repossessed York residence is under council guard and is believed to be returned with the addition of decorative beach scraps and a new coat of pastel blue paint.


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