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There’s something to be said for a man that knows who butters his bread, and the floor manager of the Betoota Diggers is one of those men.

Despite constant protest from a few sticklers in the community, Toby Brown is once again defending his decision to proudly display a suite of pokie-machines in the main bar area of the club, rather than in a dank poorly ventilated room out the back.

“How do they think the beer keeps flowing through this place? Let me give you a hot tip, it’s not their bloody weekly trivia visit”

“It’s the brickies laptops, these things pump more money into the club in a week than what their pension does in a year”

“If people want to have a go at me being proud to make a quid then so be it”

After speaking to a number of bricklayers who were halfway through feeding their last $100 into Lucky 88, The Advocate can confirm that the brickies are happy with the pokie locations too.

“Yeah, just means we don’t have to trek too far to get a schooner, or have a dart” the brickie said while pointing to the smoking area which was only a few metres away”

“At other joints in town they shove the pokies way out the back, treat you like you’ve got bloody Covid or something”

“So, we like it here at The Diggers, Toby looks after us”

More to come.


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