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In a time when Australians are experiencing “the most dangerous bushfire week the nation has ever seen” that is almost definitely caused by climate change, climate change deniers have taken the opportunity to add yet another excuse to the slew of lies they use to brainwash themselves into thinking climate change isn’t real.

Reluctantly, The Advocate sat down with the town’s biggest climate change denier to hear the latest lie he’s peddling.   

“I don’t know what else you people need to be convinced,” says Bruce McDowd while wiping his sweaty brow with a KFC hand cleaner.

“Fossil fuels aren’t causing the temperature of the planet to rise, it’s these bloody fires”

“Think about how hot a fire makes your living room”

“Now apply that same thing outside, there are over 100 fires burning right now”

“One of them is 370,000 acres big, now you look me in the eye and tell me a fire that big is not going to heat up the planet”

The Advocate reached out to the peak scientific body in Australia, the CSIRO, to see if there was any truth in Mr. McDowd’s statement.

Despite getting through to the CSIRO, our reporter was hung up on with the representative saying, “That is fucking ridiculous, don’t waste our time with that bullshit.”

More to come.


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