A local man has today bitten the bullet and decided to fully embrace the end of year wind up. 

With the festive season beginning to get noisier and noisier like a White Lotus intro score, Jonathan (Johno) Taylor has made the wise decision not to try and pretend like he is still doing work this afternoon. 

“Yeah, I’ve just flicked the email to Out of Office,” laughed Johno from the front bar of Betoota’s famous Lord Kidman Hotel after knocking the top of his schooner of Stone & Wood. 

“Let’s be real, I’m not responding to any emails”

“And I’m certainly not doing any work during the first test of the summer.” 

Speaking to The Advocate about the decision to pull the pin on the working week, Johno said last night’s work Christmas party had a significant bearing on his decision. 

“Look, I was pretty much running on empty, and now it’s a fine summer’s day here in Betoota, the cricket’s on and these glass sandwiches are tasting divine.”

“That means it’s all over. The season has officially sillied up this office drone.” 

“So, whatever people’s work-related problems are, they aren’t mine for the next 48 hours.” 

“Uno mas,” he laughed, winking at his mate from work who also has no plans on returning to his desk today. 

“2 more Stone & Woods,” laughed his friend, peeling off for a slash. 

More to come. 



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