Australian sport has today been graced with the most amazing sledge since the days of Merv Hughes, in an Instagram post that has attracted wide praise on one of Mack Horton’s most recent photos.

While Australians, as a whole, appreciate a good bit of a return fire when it comes to international sporting rivalries, it seems the greatest ever insult ever directed to an Aussie athlete is one that most of the country is unable to translate.

Anger towards Australian swimmer and prominent Gweilo Mack Horton has once again dominated Chinese social media, with millions of people directing their fury at the Rio gold medallist over his refusal to share a podium after being beaten by alleged drug cheat Sun Yang.

Horton has long been critical of swimming authorities for allowing the Chinese star to compete after serving a three-month suspension in 2014 for testing positive to a banned stimulant, and last year smashing a blood vial during a dispute over the process of a random drug test.

Chinese social media users have violated their own country’s internet censorship rules to attack Mack Horton on Instagram, with hundreds of thousands of comments taking aim at the Australian swimmer – and also accusing him of being ‘the real drug addict’ because the 2013 Australian mens swim team admitted to abusing Stillnox when he was just finishing primary school.

However, unfortunately for us English-speaking spectators of this social media storm, we’ll never be able to translate all of this golden banter because most of it is in Mandarin or Cantonese.

One particular comment, has rung up 11,063 like and resulted in a lot of laughing emojis from Chinese Instagram users.

“吃袋鼠狗屎你不敬的白猪” wrote Casxoxo, in what appears to be a very good call, and has triggered nearly one hundred more replies with poo emojis next to the Australian flag.

Australians are rushing to translate this post because it looks like it must have been quite a burn.



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