In a real sign of the times, Channel 9 has taken its programmatic gambling integration to a new level.

With a quite off-season ahead for the home of Rugby League, Channel 9 has decided to introduce a couple of gambling segments into its nightly news bulletin.

“Every night, every week, it’s a great way for us to continue raking in gambling revenue, and make the news a bit more fun you know,” said an excited executive for Nine Entertainment Co.

“People need to be inundated with gambling ads everywhere they look, and the news bulletin is a great opportunity to reach new audiences.”

News bulletins in all major capitals will now cross to Joel Caine, to get updates on speciality local markets, as well as the more traditional feature Saturday races.

“The presenters will throw to Joel, and he’ll take it from there,” explained one anonymous Channel 9 Producer.

Joel Caine said he’s looking forward to the new segment and gave us a quick rundown of how it could look;

“Hello, punters were cheering that Valley Maccas Brawl on last night which paid out at three bucks! And how bout this?” began Caine today.

“There hasn’t been a car crash into a shop in Ipswich for a while? We’re offering two bucks thirty for that to happen this week. Pretty good isn’t it?”

“Well, if ya like that, multi it with the Katters to clean up in the Queensland election and get nearly 3 bucks!”

“How bout that Punters!”

“And don’t forget, if you back our over-under house fires market this week, and you miss out by less than 3 house fires, you’ll get money back in bonus bets!”

The new segment is set to be rolled out nationwide at the start of next week.


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