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A minimum wage employee in an industry with one of the highest levels of staff turnover has been inspired to go above and beyond for an angry caller after receiving end of an abusive tirade.

Bryce McKenzie said working in a Call Centre was his dream job due to his helpful nature.

“I felt drawn to this position because I love helping people” he explained, as he put someone on hold to talk to us “and also because they were so desperate for new employees they didn’t bother performing a criminal record check”.

However, Bryce’s helpfulness was kicked into overdrive on Wednesday when a furious customer called up to seek help connecting a recently-purchased modem.

“He was really mad, and possibly drunk too” said Bryce.

“He couldn’t figure out how a wi-fi modem needed a cord because it said “advanced wireless technology” on the box. When I tried explaining it was a power cord he asked me if I was stupid and if my ears were painted on. I was just about to transfer him when he started using racial slurs and telling me to go back where I came from. It was then that I realised that I needed to help this man at any cost, because his call was important to us”.

After unsuccessfully trying to talk the irate man through the surprisingly technical process of plugging one end of the power cable into the unit and the other end into the wall, Bryce realised that the only way to properly help the valued customer was to personally plug the unit in himself.

Spurred on by the man mocking his accent amid a deluge of expletives, Bryce signed out early so he could drive to the man’s house at his own expense, a three and a half hour round trip.

Bryce was soon greeted by a drunk, shirtless man who poked him in the chest and demanded to know why he was so stupid that he couldn’t get the modem running 3 hours after the initial call. Within minutes Bryce had plugged the troublesome modem in and, in a testament to his generous nature, linked all of the man’s devices to the unit to ensure no further complications.

“I thought he would be in a good mood when I was done, but all he wanted to know was why I didn’t just do this in the first place without all the ‘stupid piss-farting about on the phone’” said Bryce.

“But that’s ok. I felt much better after helping him by plugging his modem in, pressing the power button, pushing him down the stairs, linking his devices and carrying the empty box out to the recycling bin” said Bryce.

“His call was important to us, but most of all, it was important to me”.

More to come.


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