Holly Dowling (27) has called Far West NSW home for nearly five years since she took up a nursing placement out there in one of those rare aged care homes that are well funded enough to have medical staff.

She loves the town and the people, and she’s got a lovely boyfriend that plays as a ruckman for Central.

In fact, she’s basically a B-Grade local nowadays – in the sense that the only reason she would ever leave town is to visit her family out of state.

Which is what she was hoping to do this Christmas.

Head back up north, take the big fella up on a bit of a road trip to meet her extended family, stop in and see her Nan on the Sunny Coast who is a bit lonely right now.

Just spend a bit of time catching up with friends and family in the Sunshine State.

But, those plans have been cast into jeopardy now with Western Sydney recording a few cases of community transmission, which has reset the potential Border opening date count again.

The Premier has since confirmed that NSW must go 28-days without community transmission if it wants the borders to open with Queensland.

“Yeah, doesn’t seem like it’s happening does it,” said Dowling over the phone a short time ago.

“The silly season is kicking off, people are getting lax, there’s no way NSW is gonna go 28 straight days without a new case of community transmission,” she sighed.

“So it looks like Adelaide for us, or maybe we’ll just stay here.”

“Maybe a fancy Christmas lunch at S-Que if they are doing something”

“Unless Queensland change that extremely unrealistic rule that currently seems impossible to adhere to right now.”


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