As Brisbane City continues to approve developer proposals for thousands of high rise apartments that no one is buying, new figures reveal that the shortfall between projected traffic modelling and the number of cars on the road is still growing, with one tunnel – the Clem 7 – hosting less than six cars per quarter.

Vastly inflated traffic estimates have plagued all three tunnels – Clem7, Airport Link and Legacy Way – and the Go Between Bridge since opening, costing investors millions when two early operators collapsed.

When asked why government infrastructure projects even required investors, both the Queensland State Government and Brisbane City Council were quick to offer cool new ideas regarding how to best utilise the now vacant underground spaces.

“During Riverfire, Brisbane hosted up to 600 visiting families in tents underneath the city” said Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk.

“It really is ideal for campers. Close to the city, but also quiet and spacious”

It is believed that while the projects cost both the tax payer and transurban investors billions of dollars, the $15 per night for a campsite and further $30 for access to a roadside powerpoint is a innovative way to claw back the money spent.

“Sometimes you’ve got to explore new ideas when your commuters don’t like the idea of paying $20 per day in tolls” said Palaszczuk.

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