A Brisbane electrician has treated himself to a dip in the brown snake this afternoon.

The 29-year-old decided to do so after failing to find a radio station not playing Dance Monkey despite trying for a significant period of time.

“I don’t know if the fucking thing is on repeat or what, but I couldn’t land a frequency not playing the song, so I just decided to send it,” explained the bedraggled local certainly smelling like he’d just walked out of the mighty Brisbane River.

“Don’t worry it’s the work truck,” motioned the man to his ute.

“How’s that for a Dance for you Dance for you dance for you oh oh oh.”

The song, written by Melbourne artist Tones and I who was busking in Byron less than 12 months ago, has risen to prominence over the last few months, reaching the point where it is now at Macklemore Thrift Shop and Daft Punk Get Lucky levels of airplay.

“Look I’m not a Triple M Rock kinda guy or anything, and I am partial to all different genres of music, but fuck, they’ve butchered that song now,” explained the tradie.

“I actually used to not mind it. I mean it’s a chart-topper in 27 different countries and has broken the ARIA record for a reason, but it’s too much now.”

“Anyway, maybe it was a bit rash of me to send it into the river, but I had a rush of blood, and I don’t have to pick up the bill so it is what is aye,” he said before trudging off.


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