For Brisbane girl, Rosalie Carina (19) there’s very few cultural requirements that she is forced to adhere to in the land of the free.

Other than needing to know the names of the entire Queensland run-on side each Origin series, as well as mesmerising every single lyric to the fifth studio album by Australian alternative rock band by Powderfinger (Vulture Street) – there is not much else expected from Rosalie.

In the multicultural hub of South-East Queensland, there is an array of different activities and cuisines for her to enjoy, unlike the monocultures of Victoria and South Australia with their AFL and horse races, Rosalie is not pressured into any rituals or practices that she isn’t 100% comfortable with.

One particularly interesting cultural phenomenon specifically exclusive to the River City, however, is the female fashion sense most prevalent in the city’s nightlife precinct. Also often described as ‘Troppo Fab’.

It is a style of SEQ-specific dress that Rosalie, her three sisters, and her squad of nine girlfriends are 100% comfortable with.

With elements of the blinged up American style of dress known as ‘ghetto fab’ – the glamorous Brisbane female channels their environmental surroundings with bright colour-blocking and beehive hairstyles, to evade any overheating in the humid Fortitude Valley wind tunnel.

With nightclub owners across the Inner-North of Brisbane currently firing up their electronic ID scanners, Rosalie and the girls are going to demolish 15 pineapple vodkas each and scratch up the polished timber dance-floors with their sexed-up high heels.

“Fuck me” she says to her girlfriends in a buzzing Friday arvo group chat.

“Lets fuck The Valley up”



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