In a second brazen abuse of her position of power, Nationals Senator Bridget Mckenzie has today asked fire chiefs to prioritise the protection of homes of voters in marginal seats.

The former Sports Minister’s blatant attempt to serve the interests of herself and her party above all else, come after revelations she gave 100 million dollars worth of funding to sports club’s in marginal seats in an effort to win votes.

Those allegations came to light after an auditor found that 75% of the grants given out to local sporting organisations by McKenzie were not recommended by Sports Australia.

McKenzie has refused to apologise for the moves which seem at best ethically and morally reprehensible and has doubled down, now asking the tireless state fire chiefs to prioritise the protection of houses owned by swing voters.

“I’m expecting it to be a highly successful program,” said the unashamed McKenzie this morning.

“Obviously Barnaby’s around me on this one, and Scotty will come round too.”

“I mean, if they are chasing more funding, maybe we can sort something out if they scratch our back,” McKenzie said.

“Becuase, politics shouldn’t be about wanting to improve the lives of the people you represent. It should be about doing everything possible to feather your own nest and ensure you and your immediate family are set up for life.”


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