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The nation has had a brief break from the constant barrage of Boomer climate change denying today as the backward thinking generation has momentarily been distracted by the $0.10 Australian postage stamp price rise.

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The change was announced on November 14 following a decision by the ACCC to allow Australia Post to increase the cost of a single stamp from $1.00 to $1.10.

Australia Post says that it is a necessary price increase given the forecasted decline in analogue mail being sent.  

“We thought we could just do it without anyone noticing, I mean, no one even really uses stamps anymore” says Clint Westwood, Chief Operations Officer at Australia Post.

“But boy were we wrong.”

Clint and his team expected to receive a few angry letters from some octogenarians, but they were not ready for the wrath of the Boomer.

“Last time they increased the price of the stamp 30% all it bought us was 30% drop in client service,” wrote one angry boomer who took to his Facebook status to vent.

“Maybe they should reduce the CEO’s salary instead of passing on the cost to the rest of us” commented another Boomer.

“This is Stampgate! You won’t get away with this!” wrote another dramatic person.

Clint says the Australia Post customer service phone lines have been ringing off the hook, with seemingly every Boomer demanding to speak with the manager.

While this is frustrating for Australia Post, it has provided climate scientists a moment of peace and quiet as all boomer’s attention is on stamp gate. 


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