A local commercial leasing agent has today been the best man he can be.

As of about a week ago, Dominic Corrie (34) has done everything he can to enact, maintain and spread the importance of positive values among men — condemning acts of bullying, sexism, harrassment, and toxic masculinity. Ever since he saw the Gillette Ad.

The new and improved version of Dominic was on display for all this morning, when the former Mt Gravatt Vultures ruckman extended his right arm out in front of himself to block the censors on the doors of the Shindler 3300 Elevator in on the ground floor of his workplace, allowing a female city worker who is employed at a company several floors above him to enter the lift.

Dominic is just one of millions of young men around the world who has learnt how to conduct himself like a respectable adult, ever since he watched a 1:48 video advertisement aimed at tackling a range of flaws in the collective psyche of men living in first-world country’s during peacetime.

While the video has received a lot of criticism from internet users who believe this kind of sentiment is somehow responsible for the growing oppression of suburban middle class men – you only need to look at how Dominic Corrie handled himself this morning to see the positives from the ad.

“Hold the lift” panted the female city worker as she rushed in to the lobby at 8:54 am this morning, just several paces behind a similarly flustered Dominic.

He looks up at his fellow human being.

Dominic, knowing full that things have changed since this time two weeks ago, holds the lift.


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