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In a story about triumph over financial hardships, laborer Billy
Casey (28) debuted a new shin tattoo that most people who know him
wouldn’t think he could afford.

The tattoo in question is a moving tribute to his late nan,
featuring a grinning clown telling those looking at it to be quiet as it emerging from what appears to be a tear in Casey’s skin.

Although usually fans of the ways in which he chooses to distort
his body, Casey’s friends were less than delighted to see his new
tattoo as he owes every single one of them money.

“Farkin’ hell,” said close mate Liam Biggum who claims Casey owes
him $650 for a pushbike he borrowed and destroyed.

“That’s no home job, he went into a shop for that. I’d have given
him a home job for half-price if he let me tattoo ‘Pay Liam’ on the
back of his hands.”

At the time of writing, members of Casey’s group chat estimate the
young laborer owes them all money to the cumulative total of $5,500
or enough to get his whole back done by this dude from Miami he
follows on Instagram.

“I don’t owe all of them money. Joel thinks just because he’s bought the buds for the past three years that I owe him money but I’m the one who’s always chopping it with my scissors.”

As Casey attempted to end the interview by leaving abruptly, he
smashed his freshly tattooed shin on the corner of a wooden coffee
table providing just a small bit of justice to his friends/loan



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