Vape smoker Aidan Durham (36) is proud to say that honking on his high-tech hookah machine has completely replaced his need to smoke the cigarettes that used to control his life. 

“Yeah it’s all thanks to vaping hey,” stated Durham as a Dennis Learian amount of smoke gushed from his mouth.

“Only thing is, I might be hitting it a bit more often than the ciggies.”

What Durham is referring to is the convenience of electronic cigarette type devices which give the user the odourless convenience of lighting a durry, having one drag and popping it in your pocket for later.

Although Durham is proud to be three months cigarette-free, he admitted that he has a lot to be ashamed of, most of all the several times he has vaped while on the toilet.

“You think dropping your phone in the toilet sucks, think about if you did it to one of these bad boys when you really needed a hit,” stated Durham as if he was talking about heroin. 

“I’m ciggie free which is great, but I never used to light them up when I was on the treadmill or in between bites of a Big Mac.”


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