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A leaked government report has suggested that the Biloela family at the centre of the deportation saga abused sales staff at the Darwin airport Camilla pop-up in a last-ditch attempted to be classed as white South African farmers.

Slipping away into the fashion outlet, the family browsed the collections and trinkets before finding a staff member to abuse about the price of things and other trivial matters of that ilk.

The report, which was leaked to popular hacking website the 4chan earlier today, has since been labelled ‘fake’ by the Government.

Nevertheless, The Advocate has chosen to reproduce sections of the report verbatim.

This section covers the alleged discussion between the Biloela family and a young Camilla staff member.

“Hey girly!” they clicked and whistled.

“Neh, ehm nhut pheying thus meuch feh thus keifthaaan! Yeh morst gheve meh eh bhetteh proice!”

When the sales team member explained that she isn’t authorised to give out any discounts, the Biloela family took that as a personal insult.

“Lehsan here, yeh sielly wohmahn! Ghet yeh mornehger here, nehh!! We dehmahnd ahr bhetteh proice! Ehm nhot pheying thahet!”

Just as their transformation from Tamil refugees to queue-jumping farmers was about to be complete, a Border Force blackshirt located them and manhandled them out of the shop and into a waiting van out the front of the terminal.

More to come.


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