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A local man who currently sits on the international advisory board of a Chinese state-owned bank has suggested the government be nicer to China moving forward.

Paul Keating, an opinionated retiree from Sydney’s interior suburbs, has warned the Prime Minister that treating China like the imperialistic human rights abuser it is will only result in further problems.

Mr Keating spoke to the Betoota-China Chamber of Commerce this afternoon at the Country Club, where he warned the people of our district not to fall victim to anti-China propaganda.

“You need to take their human rights records, treatment of ethnic minorities, ritualistic and illegal occupation of disputed territories and other reprehensible behaviour and forget about it,” said Keating.

“China is our future. We should encourage them to invest in Australia. We should give them six seats in the upper and lower houses. China is the best country on Earth. Scott Morrison is just a third-rate marketing executive who found himself in the right place at the right time many times over,”

“He is unfit to be in Xi Jinping’s company. Australia should be nicer to China because China is superior to Australia in every single way.”

Mr Keating closed his speech by referencing how he came to own a nice Barangaroo apartment.

“I got it by playing by the rules, being good at the gamer and agreeing to keep my mouth shut regarding China,”

“Good advice for anybody looking to live a comfortable, easy life.”

More to come.


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