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In what many political analysts are calling a pre-election media stunt, Former Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce has been photographed eating an entire glass schooner while having lunch at the Freemasons Hotel in Tamworth this morning.

Witnesses gasped as the New England MP began to casually take bites out of his beer glass while watching the pub’s television.

“It was like he wasn’t even thinking about it. He was swallowing it and everything” says Jenny Carmody, an elderly tourist that happened to be sitting several tables away.

“He was transfixed on the TV above the bar. It was ScoMo getting interviewed by Viriginia Trioli… He just turned red and began chomping away at the schooner.”

Kai Baker, another patron who was playing the pub’s only poker machine at the other end of the room, recalls hearing the sound of teeth and shattered glass grinding together before turning around to see the former Minister for Agriculture with blood trickling down his chin.

“You could see it in his eyes. He was having some dark thoughts,”

“He just kept muttering ‘it wasn’t my job, it wasn’t my job.’ and have been quick to criticise the Former Deputy PM’s shameless attempts at winning over Tamworth voters with “desperate party tricks” – but the hotel’s publican, Stan Koster (77) claims to have seen Mr Joyce “do a couple schooners like that” over the years.

“You can see that he spent a bit of time in Dirranbandi (Far West QLD)”

“That kind of behaviour is pretty much play-on in the scrub. Poor bugger doesn’t even know he’s doing it half the time,”

The Betoota Advocate was present last time our Deputy Prime Minister ate a glass schooner in front of cameras, if you would like to see a video, go here.



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