Barber shops have reopened across Greater Sydney this week, after 4 long months of Home & Away hairlines and shonky home jobs.

The momentous occasion was not lost on NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet, who described the hairy lockdown as more than 100 days of “blood, sweat and no beers”.

As of yesterday fully jabbed residents have been granted freedoms after New South Wales reached the major milestone of having 70 per cent of its over 16 population protected against the virus.

As outlined by the Premier last week, personal services such as hairdressers, beauty salons and massage parlours can now reopen with density limits for up to 5 clients.

This means that anyone waiting to get a haircut must line up down the street with 1.5 metres between each other.

And nowhere was this rush for a trim more visible than in Western Sydney this afternoon, the engine room for Australia’s slickest fades.

Moey & Moey’s Barbershop on Bankstown’s High street is reportedly back up all the way to the train station for two days, as droves of blokes take the day off work to ensure they get that tune up.

“It’s exciting times” says the store’s owner, Moey senior.

“But mate. No one could have prepared for this. I’d say we are understaffed but there’s only ever been two of us fucken in here”

As Moey says it’s good to have his customers rushing back, especially given his unofficial cash-only rule, but does have some concerns that his hardware isn’t going to hold out this boom business.

“Brother look at my clippers” he says excitedly.

“Brother look at them”

“I swear to God they are blowing smoke”

After dishing up 187 fades in the last 12 hours, Moey says the clippers are red-lining.

“Cuz Ive been smelling smoke all day. These things are in overdrive”

Moey’s comments are jeered at by his loyal customers, who are all used to the tall stories that come with visiting a Lebanese barbershop.

“Pffft” says the current customer, sitting in the chair.

“Turn it up Moey”

Moey takes a deep breathe.

“BROTHER LOOK AT THEM” Moey reiterates, while waving the clippers in the customers face.




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