In a strange twist for the reality TV show the Bachelorette, it can be confirmed today that this season’s contestants were more excited to meet the host than their potential future partner.

The show, hosted by Osher Gunsberg how has almost become revered as a cult hero, was brought to life last night as the Channel V alumni strode on to set.

After the run of the mill introductions, featuring some ironically good chat from a bloke in ‘shining armour,’ the cocktail party mood was tense.

After a bit of attempted dick swinging from some weird guy who manages a gym and is trying to look like Eminem with a nose ring, the party exploded into life when Osher made his presence known.

One contestant called Robert said that he “Couldn’t believe Osher was actually here,” as if he had never watched the show or heard somewhere along the grapevine that the smooth talking personality was going to be sensationally axed.

After some wrangling from The Betoota Advocate, we managed to get the program’s producers to take a break from trying to stir some of the blokes up to fight each other and grab hold of a couple of contestants over the phone.

One of the young contestants, who requested anonymity given the social media backlash possible from comments made on the show, explained why he was so excited to meet Osher.

“I love Osh man, literally everyone on here was just talking about how excited they are to spend time with him,” he said.

“Considering that unless you are Ali or Sam, you probably only get one bite at these things, I’ve really been struck out here with a very white bread Bachelorette, so I’m just stoked that I might get to spend some time with Osh,” he said.

“I hope he comes and hangs out with us when people go on dates.”


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