A hesitant online purchase has been given the green light courtesy of Google’s helpful autofill filter.

Steph Rogers says she’d been spending her Friday night scrolling through Instagram when a sponsored ad caught her eye.

Though she hadn’t been on the lookout for a matching hot pink Zebra patterned co-ord set, the promise of 50% off was just too good of a deal to ignore.

“I was trying really hard to be good,” admits Steph, “but $30 for an outfit is a steal.”

“I have a festival in four months so I could wear it to that.”

Having promised herself earlier that she’d put a stop to her outlandish spending, Steph had felt a moment’s hesitation when she got to the checkout section.

As the looming credit card detail boxes blazed across the screen, Steph says she began to question whether the purchase was necessary.

“At that point, I really couldn’t be assed to get my purse out of my bag. It was in the lounge and I was pretty comfortable in bed.”

“But then I clicked on the box and all my details just filled in automatically.”

Steph admits she’d then felt she had no other choice but to make the purchase. It wasn’t until a thank you screen popped up that she incurred a deep wave of remorse.

“Oh god, I swear I must have been on autopilot or something,” says Steph.

“It was just so easy.”

“I can’t afford this shit!”

Despite being reasonably tech-savvy and having a basic working knowledge of browsing data, Steph has done nothing to ensure she won’t be tempted again. 

More to come.


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