The Premier of our great state of Queensland has today let her counterparts down South know that she’s thinking of them at this time.

Speaking to the media this morning, Annastacia Palaszczuk explained that she’s ‘not super bothered,’ but just whenever Daniel Andrews and Gladys Berejiklian want to apologise to her on the whole borders thing, that would be great.

“No rush, just like whenever you get some downtime,” she laughed.

This follows NSW shutting its border with Victoria at midnight last night, after spending months hammering Queensland for shutting its borders off, to try and locally protect themselves from a new outbreak of the coronavirus.

“Guess it wasn’t so silly after all to be a little bit cautious aye,” continued Palaszczuk.

“Obviously our state’s economy’s been hit harder than a falling front-rower coming into contact with Dylan Napa, but it will be hit a whole lot harder if we go out there and let the southerners bring the virus back.”

“So yeah, just whenever the two leaders of the Southern States who continually tried to rail us want to put their hands up, we’ll be ready to accept the apology.”

“And Scott can chuck one in too if he’d like. He kept pressuring us to open back up early on in the piece as well.”

Her remarks have since drawn similar comments from the leaders of South Australia, Western Australia, and the Territory.

It’s not known when the apology will be forthcoming.


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