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Energy Minister Angus Taylor is relieved today to finally get back to work after a number of distractions and controversies in recent months has made it difficult for him to concentrate on the job at hand.

From being embroided in quite obvious corruption surrounding water buybacks, being linked to offshore accounts in tax havens, misleading parliament over illegal land clearing allegations, misleading parliament over carbon emissions, congratulating himself on social media for allegedly having a carpark built in his electorate and allegedly forging a City of Sydney council document to fit his own narrative, it’s been a tough few months for Mr Taylor and nobody is happier to put it all behind them than Angus himself.

“It’s good to be back on track,” he told our reporter via telephone this afternoon.

Mr Taylor is currently enjoying his spring break with Parliament set to return at the end of the month.

He spoke to The Advocate from his favourite booth at The Paragon, Goulburn’s best cafe, where he was enjoying the satay noodles with a side of fruit salad and a can of Dr Pepper for lunch.

“The last few months have been hard. The media has really had it in for me. I’d be the first person to put my hand up and say that I’m not perfect. Because I’m not. I’ve made mistakes, such as the water buybacks and stuff. That wasn’t good and I’ve put my hand up,”

“But now that everyone’s forgotten about it and the journalists are focusing on real issues like a few horses ending up in the mincer after a horse race and what have you. I reckon I’d get away with anything right now. I could Dick Cheney the leader of the Nationals, ah, what’s his name, ah Michael McCormack and the media would piss on me for a few days then find something else to moan about,”

“Everything’s fine now. Guess I’ll talk to you when I get caught doing something else. No, don’t ring my fucking media advisor, he’s a bit of a wet noodle. Honest to God, Errol. I look at these Young Liberals sometimes and I wonder if the good guys won the Cold War! Fuck me dead, mate.”

Mr Taylor then hung the phone up.

More to come.


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