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A gastro pub cook has today shown he has little common sense or way with women, after ambitiously asking a waitress out after a very long, and very smelly shift.

Like many kitchen staff, Ash O’Neill regularly tried his luck with the pretty waitresses, who merely wanted to get in and get out without being accosted with lewd comments or uncomfortable stares. But seeing Ash worked twelve hour shifts roughly six days a week, he really wasn’t in a position to go out and meet people nor did he have the patience to use dating apps, as it was virtually impossible to set up a date. This could be forgiven, of course, if he at least asked out a staff member who A) showed interest in him and B) was close to his age – neither of which was 21 year old uni student Rachael.

To add further insult to injury, Ash decides to ask her out after a ten hour Friday shift, which has him reeking of cigarettes, cooking oil, burger patties, spilled beer and desperation.

Cornering her while mopped his sweaty brow with an old dishrag, Ash makes sure to pop the question without any warning to ensure she was completely off guard.

“Soooo would you be interested in having a drink with me some time, Rachael?” he asks, which makes sense seeing as he’s never not drinking.

Looking a bit taken aback, Rachel hesitates before she is seen rummaging in her brain for an appropriate answer.

“Ah…um..er…that sounds really lovely Ash but unfortunately I’m not dating at the moment…with um…university..it’s quite stressful and uh…yeah.”

More to come.


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