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The Amazon reboot of the fabled soap opera “Neighbours” will be available to US commerce giant’s subscribers later today, and it’s all thanks to the marathon efforts of the show’s cast and crew.

Insiders have spoken of the long days and hectic schedules during production, some of which resulted in crew members and stars pissing into bottles and shitting in zip lock bags that were then thrown from the closest window.

It’s the type of work ethic that has made Amazon one of the biggest companies in the world and a streaming titan that’s behind other reboots like “Top Gear” and “Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan.”

A production member spoke to The Advocate on the condition of anonymity, explaining to our reporter that if they found out anyone was speaking to the media, they’d be punished by being forced to work on the second season of “The Lost Flowers Of Alice Hart.”

“It was hectic, but we got the job done,” he said.

“But I saw Karl Kennedy shit in a zip-lock bag because the Amazon people said they didn’t have time to waste on bathroom breaks. I saw a grown man’s butthole open, I saw inside him, I saw the poo come out and land in the bag. We made eye contact shortly after. It was weird. Karl got up off his haunches and clipped the bag shut and frisbee’d it out the window onto the roof of the building across the way,”

“That was just the first day. In the first week, I saw Toadie Rebecchi piss in a Powerade bottle, smell it, then put it down at the side of the stage. Man. We were working hard,”

“By the end of production, the roof of the building across the way was absolutely covered in human shit in zip-lock bags, baking in the sun. But we got the entire season shot in two weeks. You just don’t get that type of ruthless efficiency anywhere else but Amazon.”

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