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Opposition leader Anthony Albanese pursed his lips and shrugged helplessly at a young man this afternoon in Sydney after he gestured to the politician to help him with his tie.

With just minutes until a job interview across the road, Otis Dearden began to panic.

The Sydneysider was tying his tie but the tie wasn’t tying. He began to panic.

He scanned the footpaths, making eye contact with each of the bipedal banker pigs walking past pretending not to see him struggle.

Then Albo appeared from the backseat of a Caprice. Tieless and carefree.

“Sorry kid,” said Albo.

“My media advisor does my tie. I can’t help you!”

“Good luck!”

Just as Albanese disappeared into the lobby, an aging policeman appeared to help the young man with his tie and search through his wallet for narcotics and unregistered condoms.

More to come.


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