Anthony Albanese has today shocked the country, and appeared in news coverage all across the country.

The sensational move comes after the Leader of the Opposition, who seems to have forgotten what his job actually is, was caught in car accident in Sydney.

A young driver in Range Rover reportedly crashed into the back of the very sensible Toyota Camry Albanese was driving, causing him to be taken to hospital.

Albanese was reportedly ‘shaken but OK’ despite his car being written off.

However, the prang has had some rather unexpected benifits with the man who is supposed to be offering an alternative present and future for our nation managing to actually generate some news stories.

This comes after a couple of years of News Corp refusing to acknowledge his existence other than to occasionally write him of as a useless but dellusional left-wing loony – and the man himself struggling to generate any real traction on any real issue since those historic bushfires 12 months ago.

“Yeah, it’s incredible, it’s like people actually want to hear from the Leader of the Federal Oppositon party,” explained an insider from the party who seem to think Scott Morrison is just going to beat himself at the next election (like he was supposed to at the last) is going to work.

“Maybe, we’ll just organise another little prang in a couple of days time and organise a couple of lines for him to say to the press in the aftermath.”

Albo was understandably unavailable for comment.

More to come.


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