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A local man who’s taken the opportunity to freeze his mortgage to increase his disposable income in recent months has slammed Qantas CEO Alan Joyce’s decision to cut jobs in the middle of a pandemic.

Doug Taylor, a Betoota Heights Jim’s Antenna Franchisee, has called on Mr Joyce to resign in disgrace.

“Mate, you just can’t be a good CEO and cut 6000 jobs like these. These aren’t just numbers on a page, they’re people,”

“He’s just not good at managing his money. He’s not up to the job. They should get someone in there with a bit of brains like Scott Cam or one of those Atlassian blokes,”

“Just take my situation as an example. My business dried bu because of the pandemic, so I got two payday loans from that mob off the tele and I froze my mortgage. I did that so I’d have more money to stimulate the economy with. That’s what you do in a recession, you have to spend money, as an Australia, to help get the economy back on track.”

More to come.


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