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If you haven’t already heard by now, Melbourne is in a state of emergency.

From the trendy inner-city suburbs that you saw on Underbelly, to the shitty ones that you saw on Kath and Kim, residents are afraid to go out to visit restaurants for fear of being assaulted or looked at by African teenagers.

And much like the $445 million tax-payer dollars that the government just donated to a made-up environmentalist charity with ties to coal mining, this is an issue that none of our politicians are talking about. Especially since the recent by-elections.

People don’t want to talk about what’s happening to this iconic Australian city.

Inner-city Melbourne was once glamorous and cultured, particularly during the 1990s when prominent ecstasy manufacturer Carl Williams decided to kill every single cunt he had ever come in contact with, or back in the 80s, when best-selling Australian author Chopper Read decided to kill every single cunt he had ever come in contact with.

But now, it’s changed. Because our police and politicians don’t have the guts to stand up to teenager Sudanese, or other type of African, kids that look like they could be in their 20s.

It’s because, in this PC world, no one wants to admit that they would be incredibly embarrassed if they were physically overpowered by someone as young as Baron Trump, so we shut up about it.

In fact, so embarrassing is it to be scared of being mugged by unarmed at-risk pre-teens, we aren’t even allowed to have Sky News on in train stations anymore.

The only news network with the backbone to report on the feelings of Liberal voting baby boomer Melbournites who honestly don’t back themselves in a fight with people the same age as Macauley Culkin was in Home Alone 2.

Australia needs to wake up and realise that the 0.1 per cent of Victoria’s total population that were born in Sudan, or about 6,000 people, are holding this city at ransom with their noticeable physical presence and general rowdiness.

It’s time to do something Daniel Andrews.

It’s time to tell the police commissioner to stop releasing media reports that state that this issue is a figment of the imagination of conservative commentators and federal politicians.

Yes, it is time to make a big deal of this.


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