While the 1.3 million people that live in Adelaide claim that their city is no longer boring, the wine and cheese capital’s most recent influx of kids throwing rocks from overpasses tells a different story.

The rise in rock-throwing incidents on Adelaide’s Southern Expressway has been met with half-hearted action by the state government, who says they’ll eventually get round to building fences or something.

Of 30 known rock-throwing incidents this year, 19 have involved an object thrown from an overpass or bridge. Despite this, the Government will not have grate-style fencing installed over the bridges until later this year.

“Only some parts of Adelaide are boring” says a local artist who lives within the parkland boundaries.

“We’ve got so much more going on now. It’s not just Hilltop Hoods and ice coffee”

While Hobart, the previously boringest city in Australia, shoots past Sydney with their new dark arts scene, Adelaide also claims it is almost a cool place to visit – as the city continues to push this whole ‘Radelaide’ thing with the help of Triple J.

South Australian Premier, Steven Marshall, says that they’ll do their best to stop this trend of bored as hell kids indiscriminately throwing rocks at commuters, but admits it is a very Adelaide problem to have.

“No a good look aye” he said.

“Hopefully it stops itself. But I point the finger at the NBN. Everywhere else in the country these kids would be at home playing Fortnite”


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