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For the 5th time this week, local Murri man Johnny Fishburne has been asked to convey the collective feelings, frustrations and opinions held by 3% of the Australian population.

Like many Indigenous people, Johnny is in the unfortunate predicament of being the only blackfella in a particular social circle. Even worse, the social circle is based around work.

While his social life and work life overlap on a nearly daily basis, Johnny is quite often asked to what the entire First Australian diaspora think about whatever the fuck Helen from accounts saw on the news last night.

“Yeah, it’s a bit complex that one” he usually responds with.

John, from HR, who’s job it is to actually kill any of these kinds of conversations, wants to know more.

“Yeah, but like. What’s the general consensus regarding this particular issue that affects everyone differently?”

“Mate it’d differ between communities I reckon” he says.

Angela from logistics pipes up.

“But would you say you’re opinion is commonly-held”

An exhausted Johnny only accidentally stumbled into the conversation while fetching something from the photocopier attempts to backpedal his way back to his desk.

“Look in my personal opinion, I mean, I have my own thoughts on this, but that’s not going to be the same as everyone elses”

Helen isn’t satisfied.

“Right…” she says.

“But like, as a whole…”


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