In the biggest scandal facing the rail industry, the 8:30am train to work has been cancelled after some old controversial tweets resurfaced.

Known for being crowded, muggy, and occasionally on time, the Betoota CBD morning train is renowned for taking passengers on a morality crinkling trip to their place of work.

However, all that arrived at train stations today was disappointment as station staff announced the morning train had been cancelled without explanation.

After a little digging, crafty commuters found the real reason their train had been cancelled; a series of problematic tweets the train made back in 2012.

Evidently, in the early dawn of brands on social media, everything had a Twitter account and the 8:30 am Betoota CBD Express was no exception. 

The problematic tweets in question ranged from being sexist, antisemetic, and fiercely defensive of Christ Lilley, with one stating that his blackface character S.Mouse was his funniest one yet.

“These do not reflect the values of the Betoota Rail Network,” stated a BRN spokesperson.

“Phil Olivetti is the best Chris Lilley character and the other stuff the train was tweeting about was crook too.

“The popular morning train has been cancelled until such a time that they release a statement about how they do community work now or something.”

“Also, on an unrelated note, we will not be investing in worker safety and frequent service interruptions will continue. Bye.”


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