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As the Christmas break comes to an end there’s an overwhelming sense of regret sweeping the nation. It’s not because Monday is a work day, but because those people going back to work realise they have stitched up themselves and chosen the wrong profession. 

The Advocate caught up with one such man who’s dreading going back to his soul sucking job in insurance. 

“Why didn’t I become a teacher?” Trent Marcus whined to our reporter. 

“They’ve got another 3 weeks of holidays”

“Not to mention all the breaks they get throughout the year too!” 

Trent is not alone in his pining for an alternative career, with social listening carried out by our community engagement officer indicating that a staggering 70% of Australians also regret not becoming teachers. 

While to the outside world it appears teachers have got it made – 4 paid holidays a year – one local teacher is adamant it’s not as good as everyone thinks. 

“Tuggles, they’re non-teaching folk, don’t get it. Everyone thinks having holidays all the time is great, but they don’t understand how expensive it is to travel!” 

“Prices are extortionate in school holidays, so teachers can’t really go anywhere” 

If expensive holidays away is the only downside of being a teacher, the nation can probably handle that because doing anything in or out of Australia already costs a bloody bomb. 

More to come. 


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