The South Sydney Rabbitohs coaching staff are today redrawing their entire game plan ahead of this weekend’s NRL grand final match in Brisbane.

This comes as Penrith Panthers winger Brian To’o was seen mastering the Super Saiyan form during a Thursday afternoon training run at the Sunshine Coast.

According to the Japanese belief system of Dragon Ball, Super Saiyan (超スーパーサイヤ人じん Sūpā Saiya-jin) is an advanced transformation assumed by Saiyans and hybrids.

As a devout follower of the teachings of Dragon Ball, both To’o and his teammate Luai have been on the verge of this transformation for several NRL seasons now.

However, it seems the 23-year-old Brian To’o, informally known as ‘Bizza’ to his teammates, was the first to master the form.

His NRL debut in 2019 has led to him to 51 first-grade starts for the Panthers, a 2020 Grand Final appearance, several Samoan jerseys and a winning debut Origin campaign with the Blues this year.

But today, Bizza’s full potential was finally on display for all.

Fans watching the training drill say they realised that To’o had mastered the Super Saiyan form when they saw the reduction in the emotional and physical strain required in attaining and maintaining his transformation.

Witnesses report that Bizza was more relaxed, with eyes and facial features becoming softened and even cheerful, while radiating yellow beams of energy in a smoother, slower pattern.

While To’o is considered a mere earthling in the Dragon Ball universe, this dazzling display of mental and physical perfection has all but confirmed that he is of distant Saiyan heritage. This revelation is no surprise to those who grew up with him in Mount Druitt – a Western Sydney suburb with a natural gravity that is ten times that of Earth, which helps gives their homegrown NRL players a greater natural strength than others.

This mastering of form has seen To’o improve some of his upper-level warrior traits and remove all flaws, a nightmare scenario for the South Sydney Rabbitohs, who had already mapped out a game plan around To’o that didn’t consider the possibility of this transformation before kick-off.

Bizza’s opposing winger, Jaxson Paulo, was approached for comment but told our newspaper that he “doesn’t watch cardoons”.


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