In some extraordinary news in our neighbouring country of New Zealand, it can be confirmed that there are still people actually watching Rugby League over there.

In an unusual turn of events, the New Zealand Warriors will somehow be playing football in the month of September.

“Feels weird” says one fan, Iosefa Wellington.

“Don’t even have to wear a jumper. Shot warriors”

It can be confirmed that they won’t be playing in the month of September because of some Gregorian calendar anomaly, or a pushed back season launch date, but because they have in fact qualified for the NRL finals.

The qualification comes after the Warriors snuck into the finals in 8th spot, for the first time since their incredible run to the Grand Final in 2011.

With a well-balanced team across the ditch, hopes are high for the Auckland based franchise,  who has to compete with the religious institution the All Blacks, for national attention this weekend.

In a cruel twist for the Warriors, they have been scheduled on at the exact same time as the All Blacks this weekend, so only the hardiest of rugby league fans are expected to tune in.

Martin Asofa-Bromwich, a long time Warriors season member and fan, explained the confusion at his sides inclusion in September football.

“Yeah, it’s about time aye. The Warriors have been letting me down for a few years now,” Asofa-Bromwich said.

“It’s been a tough slog, trying to talk about the Warriors to all my friends who follow the rugby. They just shut me down and tell me the Warriors are shit. But not this year, not this year gee. I got a good feeling about my boys. We going all the way.”


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