Former Australian legend Shane Warne has today had his say on the toasted sandwich saga.

The commentator and man who think’s he’s a selector said the fact that one of the boys wanted to have a toasted sandwich in the dugout following lunch, is a ‘disgrace and a clear sign that the team’s mentality is lacking.’

The national cricket team is currently dealing with a bit of back and forth after it was alleged coach Justin Langer put his foot down and stopped Marnus Labuschagne from eating a toastie after the lunch break.

The bloke who played in the team responsible for the culture he has dedicated his life to turning around apparently said ‘it wasn’t a good look for the team.’

And, former teammate and incredibly professional former cricketer Shane Warne has taken the opportunity to back his former coach.

“It’s just a new era of entitlement for these guys. Back in my day you just wouldn’t do that shit.”

“JL’s trying to bring a winning culture back to this team and Marnus wants to eat a toastie.”

“It’s not good enough.”

“That’s not on if you are about to suffer a historic loss.”

“You can only do that shit when you are winning.”


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