Basketball Australia has made a sensational call today amidst the continued fallout from the brawl in last weekend’s match with the Philippines.

Australia’s national basketball team, the Boomers, made headlines around the world a week ago after getting involved in a good old-fashioned all in the stink with their Filipino counterparts.  

Today the organisation has officially appointed former NSW Origin captain, coach and ‘cattle dog’ caller Tommy Raudonikis as the new coach of the Boomers.

Chief Executive Anthony Moore spoke with The Advocate earlier today, to walk us through the decision.

“Look, the backlash from the whole thing has been significant,” Moore said of the fight that was dubbed as ‘basketbrawl.’

“Our image has been damaged. The whole thing isn’t a great look, but fuck me it would have been good to see a bit more ticker from some of our boys.

“Fair enough, to see Thon Maker fly around with those weird jumpy kicks. Atl east he was having a go.”  

“But the other boys should know how to handle themselves a bit better. A lot of them would have grown up watching Origin, and should know what to do in a situation like that,” Moore said.

Moore explained that he believes Raudonikis’ appointment should restore some pride in the basketball jersey (?).

“We’ve all seen what he can do. The ticker he exemplifies. We all know about that famous ‘Cattle Dog’ call, where he would scream it and the biff would be on with the Maroons.”

“So to start off with, he has taken them in for a big Youtube session today to watch all of the great Origin blues,” Moore said.

“He has explained to me that he plans to use the famous Cattle Dog call as well. Training, the gym, when the boys are walking through the hotel lobby.”

“Whenever Tommy calls it. It’s on.”

More to come.


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