In a peculiar turn of events, the Sydney Roosters have been confused by some rowdy fans.

While the game wasn’t at their traditional home, their home away from home (because the NSW government had to tear down the SFS and rebuild it for some reason) reportedly put off the Chooks by playing virtual noise behind the game.

The virtual noise is an innovation from Fox Sports and Channel Nine to remove the silence behind the games, and minimise the amount of swearing, words and phrases like ‘bra,’ whack the cunt,’ and ‘hit im’ broadcast to fans.

While some have applauded the move, and others have criticised it, the Roosters have explained that they feel like it’s taken away from their home-field advantage.

“We are used to playing in front of an empty stadium, and this background noise has taken that away from us,” explained Roosters coach Trent Robinson.

“It wasn’t enough to stop us getting the win, but we don’t think it’s fair that our home advantage has been taken away with some background noise.”

“Fair enough they put it behind Broncos games and so on, but just keep it silent for ours please.”


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