Putting on his best good nephew voice today, Brandon Simpson decided to try and get a bit of inside info on something he’s passionate about.

Craving some live sport that isn’t Russian 3 on 3 Ice Hockey or Eastern European volleyball, Simpson decided to do a bit of research on some other shit to punt on.

Bored out of his brains with fuck all on and a fair few of his vices being taken away, the young man has taken a keen interest in some new sports and events.

Deciding to try and find out if there was anything the newspapers weren’t telling him, the engineer based down in the forsaken hell hole of Sydney called a few of his aunties to discover some choice information.

“Hey Berryl, how are ya keeping in all this madness,” he began the call masking his sinister motives.

After going through the formalities, he began to test the water on what was happening up around their local areas.

“Got the elections on apparently?”

“Ahhh yeah, you reckon that Kath Angus is a chance with all this stuff going on?”

After being complimented by all of them for his knowledge and brushing off the questions about why he knew so much about it, he decided to take his new-found knowledge and pop off.

“Ah okay thanks for that, well let me know if you hear anything.”

“Alright, well stay safe and I’ll talk to you soon!”


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