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In the surest sign yet that things are on the mend down in Victoria and West Victoria, an issue with the administration of the AFL is once again the hottest topic in the media.

With the outbreaks of 2020 far enough in the rearview, the two states are currently furiously debating whether one Victorian Football Club should be able to wear another Victorian Football Club’s jersey for a game this year.

The heated argument apparently comes from Port Adelaide’s desire to wear a ‘prison bar’ black and white strip, which Collingwood say is not fair and clashes with their own jersey – even though the two sides aren’t playing each other for the game in question.

Lead by the club’s two high profile spokespeople in David Koch and Eddie McGuire it looks like the spat could go to court, with the AFL threatening to dock Port Adelaide points if they wear the playing kit.

It’s not really known why both clubs are so adamant about their position on the issue, but is believed to come from the sense of ‘tradition’ that the Melbourne and non-Melbourne elites feel so bound by.

What is now known though, is that maybe the two states could do with a little minor hotel outbreak or something along those lines to put everything back into perspective and spare the the news cycle this weird debate between two clubs everyone outside of their fan bases hate anyway.

More to come.


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