As Australia prepares to face Samoa in the wee hours of Sunday morning, Samoan fans have confirmed that they will be bringing enough passion for both sides.

The upcoming game in the Rugby League World Cup is a historic final as it is the first time a tier 2 nation has made the big show. In response to this monumental achievement, Samoan fans have been celebrating and driving up the cost of their nation’s flag around the world.

While Australia has basically had the final pencilled in for a couple of years now, overall national interest in the Kangaroos has fizzled out amongst a whirl of team lists that look like they hit the ground too hard and got all jumbled up.

Although the Kangaroos are the most successful international rugby league team in the world, the fanbase has become so used to the quality that they take it for granted, much like how Aussies think of coffee, beaches and big rocks.

The Roos also lack a unique and uniting phrase like ‘Queenslander’ or ‘Cheeehooo’, a common problem amongst teams that don’t quite ‘get’ footy.

Luckily our pacific neighbours are coming through with enough passion for both sides emanating from 202,506 Samoans, plus Australian/NZ born Samoans and straight up non-Samoans who’d like to see the fellas get the job done.

“No one is yelling ‘61 to the world’,” stated one Australian fan, who was aware he is wearing a Wallabies jersey but thinks it will be right.

“Imagine if they actually win but. How fucked would that be? I reckon that Bloke in a Bar fella might actually die!”


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