Look out!

Rugby League’s favourite 20/21 off-season rumour could have some serious legs, it has been confirmed this afternoon.

That’s right, it looks like Cameron Smith could be Tom Bradying his way up to the Gold Coast.

This comes after the Melbourne Storm star and future immortal was spotted at a popular Gold Coast marina this afternoon, potentially scoring himself nice off the books toy for himself and the family.

His hunt for a new toy comes after it was previously revealed the off-contract star recently purchased a house on the Glitter Strip.

It’s been alleged the images exclusively obtained by The Advocate could reveal that the Gold Coast Titans are trying to follow the suit of the Melbourne Storm circa the mid-2000s and entice Smith to play for them with some extra sweeteners.

The recent premiership winner has yet to confirm or deny anything about his future, endlessly winding up Rugby League journalists who demand to know what he’s doing.

Cameron Smith was unavailable for comment, even after we said we weren’t from Fox Sports or the Daily Telegraph and simply sent us a link to his new book which he has been spruiking for the last couple of months.


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