Lionel Messi fans are today walking on clouds today, after a rather amusing morning in the European Football Championships.

For those who aren’t familiar, the title of modern GOAT centres around Messi vs Ronaldo, often making for a heated discussion amongst football fans.

The title of the actual GOAT is obviously shared by Pele and Maradona.

The newest flared up in the modern debate comes after Ronaldo had an underwhelming performance for Portugal, which culminated in some very meme-worthy content.

The peak of the amusement came after Cristiano Ronaldo burst into tears in extra time of the knockout clash with titans of European football, Slovenia.

Ronaldo appeared to turn on the waterworks after missing a crucial penalty against Slovakia at the end of the first half of extra time.

While many assumed the tears were because he missed the spot kick after pushing all of his team mates away to take it, it’s since been revealed that Mistiano Penaldo burst into tears because the coach informed him that he would no longer be able to take every single penalty in the impending penalty shoot out.

The devastating news followed nearly 2 hours of Ronaldo demanding he be allowed to blast every single free kick either at the keeper or way over the cross bar.

Famous for his ability to demand he be given every penalty and free kick and always have multiple cameramen focusing on him, Ronaldo was inconsolable for quite some time, before his coach promised he could at least take the first penalty kick in the shoot out – if his previous misses didn’t see his team bundled out of the tournament.

The tough news from the coach was also believed to be behind his failure to celebrate with the rest of the team after the shoot out, or congratulate the goal keeper who saved 3 penalties in a row to put the team through to the quarter finals.

Ronaldo is yet to comment, other than issuing a statement that he was sad about the state of the world or something on social media.

More to come.


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