The people of Australia have just been reminded that Shane Warne, for all of his flamboyant antics and raw opinions, is actually a genius when it comes to the great game of cricket.

This comes after an on-field commentary segment on the lunch break of Jane McGrath Day at the Sydney Test, where Warnie just broke down a career’s worth of spin bowling tactics.

Both kids and adults have sat in awe for the last half hour, as they watch a man who knows what the fuck he’s talking about explain how he became the greatest leg spin bowler to ever walk the earth.

As well as being reminded of how much this bloke knows about holding and letting go of cricket balls, Australians have also been reminded that Shane’s looking pretty good nowadays.

With the perfectly highlighted fringe and the Peaky Blinder fade, paired with his tailored slim cut suit, Warnie’s current set up is a testament to the famous expression: Black don’t crack, Asian don’t raisin, and Shane don’t wane.

The Betoota Advocate would also like to note that our newsroom very much appreciate his use of Twitter to broadcast controversial opinions regarding selection and pitch management.


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