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It’s just been officially confirmed today that it is a very bad weekend to have a sleeve tatt if you want to be out and about in the Valley.

With the NRL’s Magic Round in full swing and roughly 300 rugby league players in the vicinity of Fortitude Valley, the city is on high alert.

While their are numerous casualties of the NRL’s mind blowing decision to host a whole round of football in the river city, the city’s sleeved men have been doing it tough.

The Advocate has been informed that with the weekend barely 12 hours old, nearly 5,000 young and middle-aged men have been denied entry from licensed establishments because of sleeves today.

A local publican explained to us that all security staff have had to do it tough and reject anyone that looks like an NRL player.

“Unfortunately, it means that we can’t let anyone with sleeves or neck tatt’s in because it’s just too hard to figure whose a footy player and who isn’t you know.”

“For the safety of patrons, we just can’t risk it, so unfortunately our city’s FIFO workers, tradies, personal trainers and marketing creatives just have to find something else to do.”

“It’s not worth it.”


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