After months of being beaten around by the COVID-19 pandemic, life has just thrown yet another hurdle for the prodigal son in charge of the AFL this week.

Gillon McLachlan, of the famous McLachlan/MacLachlan squattocracy from the fertile soils of the Adelaide Hills – has been under fire this season what many perceive as a blue-blooded complacency towards the very real possibility of the 2020 AFL season being cancelled.

However, there is now a whole other kettle of fish boiling underneath the the former Australian polo representative.

This comes as former Gold Coast player Joel Wilkinson came forward overnight with claims that the AFL CEO’s position is “untenable” because of his handling of racial issues and the racist rhetoric he has received in correspondence with McLachlan.

“Gillon McLachlan you continue to fail Indigenous and African players past and present,” Wilkinson said on Sunday.

“There’s a continuous pattern during your reign that is racist, dangerous and must be stopped. You will resign, we’ll be making sure that happens. Your position is untenable.”

Gillon ‘Gil’ McLachlan joins Victorian Premier Dan Andrews on the list of public figures that has everyone beginning to question their abilities as war time leaders – to the point where there are now public calls for their resignations.

Gil, who many believe has wasted all of his political clout on getting Peter Dutton to help fast track the visa for his cousin’s au-pair in 2017, is now beginning to look like a bit of an Ol’ Gil.

Gilbert ‘Ol Gil’ Gunderson is an iconic Simpsons archetype of the unsuccessful and unlucky businessman from Springfield. Often seen begging customers to help him pay the rent at second hand car dealerships and door-to-door sales pitches – the character has become synonymous with helpless adult incompetence.

The AFL has officially apologised on Saturday after a breakdown in communication regarding a pneumococcal vaccination which many Indigenous players received, believing it was mandatory, though the Queensland government had not made that the case.

The vaccination was recommended for children and over 50s, which is a category no Indigenous players fit into, and just another example of the infantilising and hyper-scrutiny of black men in the elitist boardrooms of the AFL.

Ol’ Gil McLachlan was approached for comment on the new scandal but his office says he was too busy copying the homework of the alpha male rugby league boss, Saint Peter V’landys.



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