As they say in the show business of Rugby League, the show must go on, and that it did last night at ANZ Stadium.

After much criticism, round two of the NRL went ahead last night with the Bulldogs and Cowboys kicking us off in some unusual circumstances.

While many noticed the ball boys wearing gloves and the players sitting 1.5 metres away from each other on the interchange bench despite spending a fair chunk of time running at each other as hard as they can and wrestling on the ground as big sweaty messes, one major change went virtually unnoticed.

There actually wasn’t anyone in the crowd.

While most games at ANZ are empty, the fact that there wasn’t a single spectator in the crowd was something that seemed to go completely under the radar.

“Yeah, I guess there actually wasn’t anyone in the crowd at all now that I think of it,” explained North Queensland wrecking ball Jason Taumalolo today.

His comments come as the NRL commits to ploughing on with the season behind closed doors despite the warnings of health officials.

“I mean, that’s just what I expect when I play down there at ANZ, so it really wasn’t any different.”

“And it’s probably even quieter at a Roosters home game somehow,” he laughed.

“It’s going to be weird playing back up in the deep north with no people to watch on, but I’m getting paid nearly a mil a season so I’ll play on,” he laughed.


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